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Mobile Notary Services


Finding a notary for your documentation processes can be a hectic and time-consuming task. This delay might affect your document registration. To solace this problem Notary Mobile services have been launched. In this, the notary agent visits your residence and undertakes the document notarization procedure. With the emergence of Notary Mobile services, people can book a notary appointment through their mobile phones and decide a specified date and time when they want to avail the notary services. The notary agent would undertake the notarization of all types of documents such as real estate documents, power of attorney, living trust estates, and other types of documents.


The most important factor which motivates a person to go for Notary Mobile services is the convenience factor. In this, you do not need to spend time visiting the notary you can simply book an appointment and the notary would visit your residence. Another benefit of these services is that they ensure safety and help to maintain the confidentiality of your important documents. When the notary undertakes document notarization at home there is no risk of documents getting leaked or going into the wrong hands. Also, as compared to general notary processes the pace of the notarization process is high in the case of Mobile Notary services.

Why choose Pretty n' Ink Notary Mobile services?


We are among the leading Notary Mobile Services provider company. We provide the best notary services at your doorstep. No matter what your location is our experts would reach there and offer you notary services. We have a wide network of experienced notary agents having a good amount of notary experience. You just need to process the notary request with our experts and we will help you fulfill it with great enthusiasm and the best notary services.

Contact Pretty n ‘Ink Mobile Notary Services and get your documents notarized.

General Notary Services (Acknowledgment or Jurat):

A travel fee of $45 is included in the pricing for each individual appointment. A notarization fee of $15 is charged per notarized signature.


  • One notarized signature - $60

  • Travel Fee - $45+(fee varies upon location)

  • A Travel fee is included in the price for each individual appointment however if the appointment cannot be completed for ANY reason, the notarization fee will not be charged but the travel fee will still be due.

  • Additional notarized signatures - $15each

Notarized Signature

Real Estate/Loan Documents:
Real estate

Price includes document drop off for shipping, travel, printing up to 400 pages and notarizing up to two signers.

  • Loan Modification - $100

  • Refinance - $150

  • Purchase/Buyers Package - $125

  • Sellers Package - $125

  • HELOC - $100

  • Escrow Documents Only - $90

  • Hard/Private Money Loan - $125

  • Single Document/Small Package (10pgs or less) - $100

  • Reverse Mortgage - $300


Loan Modification


Purchase / Buyer



Escrow Doc Only

Hard/Private Loan

Small < 10 pages

Reverse Mortgage

Living Trust/Estate Planning:

 $175 - Price includes travel and notarizing up to two signers.


Inmate Notarizations:

 $200 – Price includes travel, notarizations, printing documents and dropping off for shipping. Valid identification is required by the inmate in order to complete the notarization or two witnesses who can confirm the inmates identity must be present during the signing, documents that need to be signed must be emailed and a return shipping label must be included so signed documents can be shipped back to you.


Inmate Notary

Hospital & Nursing Home Notarizations:

$175 – Price includes travel and notarizing up to two signers.

Nursing / Hospital

Additional Services:
  • Printing: 1-400 pages - $25; 400+ pages $40

  • Document Drop-Off FEDEX/UPS/USPS (shipping label MUST be provided) - $15

  • Scan Backs (have your signed documents digitally scanned and emailed back to you) - $15

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